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Nicer Dicer Plus, Salad Chopper

Cooking has always been a favorite pastime. Gathering in the kitchen and preparing a nutritious meal for your family is a staple of the American dream, but let's face it. Who has the time anymore? Between busy schedules and balancing family life with your career, becoming a culinary master is the last thing on your to-do list. But fear not! Genius USA has the perfect product to make cooking stress-free and quick! Our Nicer Dicer Plus is an all-in-one gadget designed to chop, dice, grate, and cut anything you wish! Available nationwide, this quality-made cooking accessory is the new must-have item for your kitchen.

From grating cheese to dicing tomatoes, this tool does it all. With multiple blades equipped with protectors, slicing and cutting is easy and safe. It even comes with an attached bowl for easy storage and cleanup.

Nicer Dicer Plus

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At Genius USA, your happiness is our main priority. That is why we provide only the top-of-the-line kitchen gadgets to make your life easier. As a QVC regular, partnering with a trusted German company, rest assured that when you purchase this amazing product, you will not be disappointed.

When ordering, you will only speak to a live customer service representative and never a recording. If something is wrong with your product or you are not fully satisfied, let us know! We offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee and always respond to your questions and concerns within 24 hours.

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